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Interestingly, our non-relenting professional service to clients has, during the last years, taken us far away from desks and office confines and into the glamour of VIP related set-ups. We sometimes wonder how this has come to mature but as a starting point we are often asked to source and order VIP type services within a very strict and limited timeframe. These occasions have increased to a point where we have become a focal point for our clients who seek VIP services at best prices and within a very reliable and trustworthy environment. We believe that we can get the best deals in the shortest time and from the best sources. 

Whether it's chartering a yacht, a private jet, arranging for accommodation, sourcing the best real estate opportunities or arranging for private events, we've done it all. We have even contracted world celebrities through our vast web of international contacts and colleagues. There is no minimum and no maximum. Whether it's a small or a big request, we've done it all. 
Although most of the requests reach us in the eleventh hour, we always stress on one fundamental rule. Time has a price. Not from us but from service providers. The shortest the time, the heavier is the price. That is the only maxim which dictates the rules. Thus, it becomes fundamental for you to contact us as early as possible in order for us to lay our hands on and extract the best possible deals imaginable. 
Our international contacts have taken us across the globe to far flung countries doing a wide variety of assignments and providing innumerous services. However, one denominator has remained the same. Our sources, vetted and checked by the test of time, have never let us down. We pride ourselves on having on our side the most reliable and efficient service providers available worldwide. They are just a telephone call away. 
Professional and business relationships which we have built during these long years are the result of constant vetting and relentless negotiations to extract the best possible deals at the lowest possible price without, however, compromising any aspect of the service being requested. 
Thus, if apart from our normal professional duties you are considering or are interested in seeking any form of VIP service and irrespective of the budget you have allocated, we are always here to follow and respect in detail your request. Be assured of a guaranteed and fast service which comes at the lowest expense possible. We are available on a 24/7 basis. 
If you want to bank on our vast wealth of VIP related services and to exploit our web of trusted international contacts, why don't you give us a call. We are available at full swing during office hours and at a lesser, albeit yet most effective, mode anytime afterwards.