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Permanent Residency In Malta

Benefits : 

  • Freedom of movement within EU
  • Income Tax benefits - 15 % on all income remitted or received in Malta.
  • Repatriation of Capital Income
  • Freedom to rent out Maltese property
  • No death & Donation Duties
  • Importation of Cars.
CONDITIONS for eligibility: 
  • an annual income equivalent to Euro 23000 arising outside Malta OR capital equivalent to Euro 349000 
  • annual remittance to Account in Malta - Euro 13950 + Euro 2330 in respect of each dependant.*
(*dependant means - the spouse, children under 21 years old or a parent who is financially dependant on the applicant)
Requirements/ supporting documents 
  1. BANK CERTIFICATE A certificate from the applicants' bankers/accountants certifying either that he/she has an annual income equivalent to 23 000 Euro arising outside Malta or capital equivalent to Euro 349000 .It must also certify that the applicant will be able to import into Malta a minimum annual income of Euro 13950 + Euro 2330 in respect of each dependant. 
  2. A CONDUCT CERTIFICATE,in respect of each adult (18 years and over) 
  3. MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE in case of a married couple. Other wise FULL BIRTH CERTIFICATE 
  4. 3 passport size photographs and photocopies of the relevant pages of passport of each person whose names appear on the application form 
The supporting documents MUST be original documents attested for correctness by a warranted notary public of the country of nationality of applicants and must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of nationality and counter -legalized by an official of the Malta Diplomatic Mission in the country of nationality. Application form enclosed in attachment. " Income Tax benefits - 15 % on all income remitted or received in Malta. Minimum tax payment of 4192 Euro per annum (15% x Euro 27950) 
Immediately an application is approved , the applicant shall pay Euro 4192 tax -by not later than 30 days from such approval. The amount of tax will be held on account and credited for the first year of assessment for which a tax return is required. A Residence certificate shall be issued by the Commissioner of Inland Revenue, within 30 days from such payment. Once in possession of a certificate the holder: shall be required to take up residence by not later than one year from the issue date of the Residency certificate. must either purchase immovable property valued at not less than 116 000 Euro or Euro 69000 in case of an apartment ) or lease/rent immovable property for not less than 4150 Euro per annum within 12 months of taking up residence in Malta 
Procedure - up till 3 months.