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Business in Libya

Your business in Libya. Sounds a very provocative idea. Challenging. Maybe also too challenging. But that is business. And it goes something like this… Who dares most… Who arrives first. 

Luckily, with us, doing business in Libya has never been so much plain-sailing and rewarding. Through our physical presence in Tripoli and our constant round the clock, all week availability in Libya, your best interests are guaranteed. Our office is located in the centre of Tripoli in Omar Mukhtar Street, within walking distance from the Green Square. Our multi-lingual Libyan staff shall provide all required support and advice for you to achieve your business objectives. 
Libya is an oil-rich sparsely populated North African country. It borders with six Arab or African countries and have an area almost the size of Europe. It touches with the Mediterranean from the North with its 1500 km of white sandy virgin coast and with the mysterious Sahara Desert in the South. Its people are excellent in manners, ethics and hospitality. Libya is a well kept secret. 
Its markets are huge. Financial resources are infinite and its economy is quasi-recession proof. In plain language, Libya is in its economic infancy and shall, all things being equal, walk the standard development phase of 20 years or so from now onwards. Tripoli is bustling with immense activity. Oil installations work at optimum efficiency and Foreign Direct Investment is visible. 
Whether you are involved in trading, manufacturing, consulting or other services, you should consider Libya as your next step of natural business expansion. With us, you shall enjoy unlimited access to the Libyan market and to its players, whether big, medium or small. Through our hard-earned reputation and experience in Libya, we can provide you with the one key possible to arrive at your new business destination. 
Through our Office in Tripoli, Libya, we provide business and logistical support. We act also as agents on a contractual basis for the sourcing and realization of business deals and ventures. Our Office provide visa and immigration support as well as government and government-related matters and issues. 
Our long years of success in Libya have always been based on trust and speed. We excel in providing a guaranteed and fast service and are proud to be working with very high profile and high worth corporate and personal clients. Our professional relationship with clients normally mature to become personal and close. This is the Mediterranean. We belong to it. That is how we are. And that is how business is made. It is unique. 
If you are considering our services, kindly contact us at our Front Desk on: